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Patience Rewarded.

Puglia, Italy
Primitivo, a long-lost cousin of Zinfandel
Full body and long, rich finish
Pairs with
Perfect with heartier dishes, like meatballs

An Ancient Winemaking Tradition

Still in use in wine estates scattered across Italy and the world, the appassimento practice involves the drying of freshly harvested grapes to concentrate sugars and flavors before vinification. This is a tradition with roots in Northeast Italy—the source for some of the region’s most treasured full-bodied reds.
In a special room or area, handpicked grapes dry naturally and slowly for weeks or months on bamboo racks or straw mats. The enticing flavors and aromatics are elevated as the water leaves the berries. In the old days, the grapes were hung from the rafters of the farmhouse or barn, but many wineries now have a dedicated appassimento spot with sufficient ventilation.
Some wineries employ a skilled person to tend to these grapes, while others have passed down the knowledge through generations. It’s a method that takes dedication and time, and the result of this effort is considered to be among the finest red wines in Italy. The practice is also native to places like Sicily and Greece—sunny and dry spots where the intensity of the day is naturally put to work in the process.

Bottle of Appassimento wine and wine glass

Passionate Flavors

The name of this practice originates from the word “passionate,” and fans of this style are truly ardent about the layers of flavors in appassimento wines. The ancient tradition promises a dark-fruited, full-bodied sip- a profile that’s honored in the rich character of Cooper’s Hawk Appassimento.

This is a bottle to pair with rich, meaty dishes such as short ribs or grilled beef. It’s also on point with charcuterie or strong cheeses. Many people love to savor Appassimento as a meditation wine, enjoyed slowly by the campfire or on the patio during a long summer night.

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