February 2022

Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon

Wine of the Month February 2022

Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon

A Bold Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon as BIG as the Andes Mountains.

100% Cabernet Sauvignon
It is full-bodied and powerful, perfect for aging or drinking right away
Pairs with
Hearty smoked or braised meat dishes

The Benefits of Isolation

Chile is one of the new world’s treasured wine regions, an isolated growing area with centuries of winemaking history. Cabernet Sauvignon has made Chile a second home since arriving here in the 1880s from France. Bordered by the Atacama Desert in the north, frozen Patagonia to the south, and the massive Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean to the east and west, Chile’s vineyards are naturally protected from the elements and from invasive pest species. Because of this, Chile is one of the only wine growing spots in the world to have remained free of phylloxera, a parasite that wiped out vineyard after vine-yard in France and elsewhere in the late 1880s, a devastation that still influences the way wine grapes are cultivated today. To recover, vineyards in Europe were replanted with vines grafted on rootstock, but fortunately Chile was not impacted, and the vineyards there still grow on their own roots, one of the only places in the world where such Cabernet Sauvignon can be found.

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A Favorite for a Reason

Wine Club Members fell in love with this re-lease when it was first introduced, packed with intense dark fruit flavors and peppery spice. There is also an interesting savory element, thanks to the cooler climate in which the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes thrived. The variety is becoming one of the most popular plantings in Chile, and fans around the world covet this powerful expression of one of the wine world’s most celebrated varieties.
Anticipate black cherry notes with an elegant layer of herbal and cedar complexity that lasts through the finish. The magnum bottling intensifies the age-worthy quality of Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon, which can be enjoyed now with hearty, meaty dishes or stashed away in the cellar for several years.

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