May 2022

Spice Chest

Wine of the Month May 2022

Spice Chest

Much like a chef, our winemaker blends ingredients to create harmonious flavors.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Sirah and Syrah
Juicy blackberry and plum, leading to a long finish of vanilla and baking spice
Pairs with
Richer meats like rib-eye steak and short ribs

The Artistry of Winemaking

All winemakers agree that wine starts in the vineyard. This is an attitude of responsibility to the vines and the environment in which they grow. Out in the soil and un-der the sun, the vineyard team makes farming and harvesting choices that allow the terroir to shine through in the finished product.

It takes skill to pass on the best quality grapes to the cellar, and from there it takes skill to coax the fruit into a wine that is well-made, tastes delicious, and meets the style expectations of those who drink it. The Cooper’s Hawk winemaking team works with growers from around the globe- from the New World and the Old World, and from several continents.

These sourcing partners provide us with the best grapes around. With such an array to choose from, our team in the winery must determine when to blend, what to blend, and how to offer our guests and Members wines that will marry perfectly with the menu and the season.

This philosophy has led to hundreds of national and international awards for our collection, with bottles that meet every taste and pairing objective. This is a result of our winemaker thinking like a chef: selecting the right components to put a bottle on the table that is balanced, smooth, vibrant, and food-friendly.

Spice Chest honors this practice, highlighting the way that our winemaker uses specific barrels, grapes, and vintages like a chef uses a spice chest. A little some-thing here, and a little something there, and a whole new experience unfolds. Winemaking is a form of craftsman-ship, cultivated through years of experience- earned only by making wine, asking questions, and working with the fruit that each vintage provides.

We invite you to enjoy Spice Chest with this in mind. Experience the layers of expertise and artistry that come together to bring you this bottle that is perfect for sharing with family and friends.

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