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Wine of the Month September 2022


With Age Comes Wisdom—And Great Viognier

Viognier grape
The wine is dry and fresh with a long, rich finish.
Pairs with
Bar­rel-aged Viog­nier is the best pair­ing for rich shell fish like shrimp, crab, and lobster.

Something For Everyone

hat’s because it’s got something for everyone. First of all, Viognier is blessed with a full body that has a lovely textured mouthfeel. Because Vio is aged in oak, this bottle has a satisfying creaminess along with plush orchard fruit character. And did we mention aromatics? The tempting floral and fruit perfume is one of our favorite aspects of this complex wine.
Our Viognier comes from California vineyards, an ideal spot for this variety that loves a place in the sun to develop all that robust fruit character. It’s long been a mainstay in France’s steep northern Rhone vineyards as well as the Mediterranean coast of the southern French Languedoc region. Over recent decades, Viognier has gained a foothold in plenty of spots in both the New and Old World, and is considered a grape to watch for the eager enthusiasts who enjoy this white wine that seems to satisfy everyone.

Vio Vertical

Try it and See

To experience all that Vio has to offer, serve it a touch warmer than you would most other white wines. Pour into a wide-mouthed glass for plenty of room to breathe in all of those rich aromas. If you love to swirl, sniff, and savor your wines then you’ll find Vio immersive experience unforgettable.

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