Camille Fierce

FIERCE is the third wine in our Camille series from our very own Master Sommelier EMILY WINES. Unlike the Camille Proud and Brave, 2019 Camille Fierce looks like a very complicated blend. It is complicated, but all components work in such great harmony creating a perfect blend.

A blend of 34.8% Pinot Noir, 24.7% Zinfandel, 18.9% Valdeguie, 16.1% Syrah, 3.8% Grenache and 1.7% Sangiovese sourced from California.
The palate offers flavors of raspberry and tart cherry, which carry through to the exceptionally long finish. Tannins are well-rounded and smooth, with well-balanced acidity
Pairs with
This pairs very well with our Cooper’s Hawk Roasted Vegetable & Goat Cheese Flatbread and Red Wine Braised Short ribs.